P.E.T.S. - Protecting and Ensuring Their SurvivalP.E.T.S. - Protecting and Ensuring Their Survival
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About P.E.T.S

We are aware of a vast and growing problem in Middle Georgia with feral and free-roaming animals. Robins Air Force Base, with its transient personnel, results in many abandoned cats and dogs every year. People take in a cute kitten or puppy, fail to spay/neuter, and the resulting litters multiply. Additionally, low-cost spay/neuter clinics are not available because veterinarians are not working together.

We are a group that is trying to help alleviate the problem of cat and dog overpopulation in this area. We are raising funds to help low-income people get veterinary care for their animals, especially making spay/neuter affordable for them. We are also trying to spread the message of the importance of spay/neuter before a cat or a dog has even one litter.